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Lost at birth, we rise regardless of the sun's golden position.
We awaken, we opiate, we make our stand, we finally make our admission

Submission, acceptance, forgiveness, loss, why move at all?
Fighting stops, breathing hard, I'll be the last to rise, before I ever fall.

Call me, leave me, standing, forgotten, accepted, we walk together.
We'll walk miles to make our rest, this storm of dark we'll weather.

Wherever you go, so shall I move, to have and forever to hold
regardless I move, I don't care, I fly, ignore what I've been told.

Cold wind in our face, wave aside the dangers,
After so many years are we nothing but strangers?

I smile, you take my hand, we walk toward a future we'll make
Give you my jacket, we're not so cold, as long as we're awake.

Take  my prayer, we're walking on air, seeking this promised land
All I can feel when it's this cold is the warm beat of your hand.

Band together, you're so confident, as we press through a wall of wind
You've been here before, you know the way, how did you never give in?

Bend together as the wind whips past us, making an impression on the sky
Black lines flip past us, we're warm together, we're at a loss as to why.

Fly from the valley and into the trees, we dodge the coming storm
Your hand in mine, forever free, together we'll stay warm.

Forms move as snow falls in those woods, the darkness is all about
We seek shelter in each other, the trees around us will keep this cold wind out.

Never alone, in our small shelter, we smile and laugh and cry.
Fate pulls us together, we're happy forever, Grand Convergence whistles by.
Possibly the funnest rhyme scheme, reprising final lines with first ones. See how you like it!
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January 31, 2008
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