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Running from shades, we flee those raids, where doubt is left behind
We flee towards promise, but walk in blackness, darkened skies will blind.

Sun blocked by sand, forceful hand, nature whips our eyes
the dust of ages, surrounds and rages, it mars and despoils the skies

High radiance shines, it wraps and binds, the soft texture of our hands
We flee our hell, home to our spell, our exodus from the badlands.

Sands turn under foot, wherever we go, will it ever be enough?
How far must I flee, to the ends of the sea, to protect my diamond in the rough?

Find me true, together with you, we escape our damaged home
Mistakes left behind, we see just fine, together we will roam.

Comb my mind, we are not blind, as we huddle together in the chill
I can never hide, my thoughts aren't mine, you are the one, my will.

Spill out into tears, our darkest fears, as cold wind passes us by
it leaves the promised land, pressed against its hand, this wall we must defy

Cry no more, we walked before, the sun in bright eyed splendor
The dark is nothing, to ones who have something, a touch so soft and tender

Slender pains escape their chains as wind whips through in line
we escape this prison, phoenix risen, to clear the home of our mind

Shine with me, we will see, the other side of this wall
We've come so far, you are my star, rising from our fall

Small stones, we hear their moans, trapped souls whip past our ears
Little crystals, sharpened bristles, capitalize on our fears.

Tears all dried, the desert lands hide, the cold world's silent truth
we've learned it all, we won't forget, the lessons of our youth.

Uncouth beasts abandon their feasts, afraid to lose their meal
We take flight through the sky, flee this baleful lie, no more luster to its appeal.

Real light, you are so bright, as I tie myself to you with love
We reach our home, no more will we roam, at rest in skies above.
Follow up to Grand Convergiance... It goes out to the same special person GC did...
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February 4, 2008
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